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UMARE Editor

The UMARE editor is used for editing the UMAREX file, and contains the transforms and their configuration that are used in flow rules.


Transforms are defined UMARE and then are used in flow rule definitions in the Advanced Attribute Flow window in the sync engine. Transforms can be used by any flow rule, and can be used on different attributes where the function remains the same. While each transform has a different set of properties, each transform must at least have a transform ID. This is what is used in the flow rule definition.

The transform properties page also provides a mechanism for testing the behaviour of a transform, without having to flow data with the sync engine to test it. Mutiple input fields are provided, and the result of the transform will be shown in the output field.

Example transforms

Many example transforms can be found in sample.umarex.

Flow Rule Alaises

When a very long flow rule flow rule is required, you can define a flow rule alias. The alias name is used as the flow rule name in the sync engine, and the transform chain can be specified in the alias configuration. Aliases do not offer any additional functionality, other than making it easier to see and long flow rule names by using the UMARE editor, as opposed to the limited space available in the flow rule name field in the sync engine's Advanced Attribute Flow window.

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