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This transform allows extracting only certain characters from an incoming string value. The transform can perform extractions from either the left or the right hand side of the string, and supports padding the resulting string to meet a specified minimum character length


Parameter Description
Direction Specifies the direction that the characters are obtained from. A start direction of 'left' with a character index of 0 starts at the end of the string. A direction of 'right' starts at the end of the string
Start index The position within the string to start from. Zero is the first position
Length The number of characters to obtain from the string
Pad type If there are insufficient characters in the string to satisfy the length, the result can be padded with the first, last or specific character from the string.
Padding character The character to use for padding when the pad type is set to use a specific value

Input Type

The transform accepts string values as inputs

Multiple input values

The transform accepts multiple input values, and processes each of them individually.

Return Type

The transform returns a string value


Input value Direction Start index Length Pad type Pad character Output value
Bob Left 0 4 None Bob
Bob Left 0 4 Last Character Bobb
Bob Left 0 4 Specific Character x Bobx
William Left 0 3 None Wil
William Right 0 3 None iam

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