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Simple lookup


This transform allows for the lookup of values in a simple two-column table, stored within the transform configuration file itself. This type of lookup is ideal for small-to-medium lookup tables. For larger data sets, consider using a delimited text file lookup or xml file lookup transform.

Lookup transforms are used to find the incoming value in a table, and replace it with another value.

If the incoming value is not found in the lookup table, you can specify what you want the transform to return instead. You can choose between returning nothing, returning the original value, or a fixed default value


Parameter Description
When no match is found Specifies what the transform should do if the item was not found in the lookup table. The transform can either return the original value, a default value or null

Input Type

The transform supports string, integer, and binary values. Binary values need to be represented in the lookup table in base-64 encoded format

Multiple input values

The transform accepts multiple input values, and processes each of them individually.

Return Type

The transform returns a string value


Sample lookup table

Input Value Output Value
UG Undergraduate Student
OPG Postgraduate (coursework) Student
HDR Postgraduate (research) Student


Parameter name Value
When no match is found Return null

Result table

Input value Output value
UG Undergraduate Student
OPG Postgraduate (coursework) Student
AMR <null>

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