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Logical Boolean Operator


This transform performs a logical test on multiple Boolean values


Parameter Description
Operator Specifies the type of operation to perform on the incoming Boolean values

Input Type

The transform accepts boolean values as an input.

Multiple input values

This transform accepts multiple input values, and processes them together, returning only a single value.

Return Type

The transform returns a Boolean value


AND operator

This operator returns true is all the input values are also true. If any of them are false, then false is returned.

OR operator

This operator returns true as long as at least one of the input values is also true. If they are all false, then the transform returns false.

XOR operator

This operator returns true provide that one, and only one of the input values is true. If none of the values are true, or more than one value is true the transform returns false.

NAND operator

This operator returns true provided that all of the input values are false. If any of the input values are true then this operator returns false.
Input values Operator Output value
True, True, True AND True
True, True, False AND False
True, False, False AND False
False, False, False AND False
True, True, True OR True
True, True, False OR True
True, False, False OR True
False, False, False OR False
True, True, True XOR False
True, True, False XOR False
True, False, False XOR True
False, False, False XOR False
True, True, True NAND False
True, True, False NAND False
True, False, False NAND False
False, False, False NAND True

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