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A transform is a component that takes a source value, and modifies it, returning a new value in its place.

Transforms are used in flow rules.

The following transforms can be used in UMARE

AD group scope to string Converts the active directory groupType attribute into the FIM portal group scope strings (Global, Universal, DomainLocal)
AD group type to string Converts the active directory groupType attribute into the FIM portal group type strings (Security, Distribution)
Apply bitmask Applies a specific value to a bitmask
Bitmask to Boolean Converts a bitmasked value to its Boolean representation
Boolean values to bitmask Applies one or more flags to a bitmask based on an incoming Boolean value
Concatenate string Concatenates multiple values into a single value using a specified delimiter
Conditional flow on string comparison Conditionally flows a value based on a string comparison
Cryptographic hash Performs a one-way SHA hash of an incoming value
Data type converter Allows for simple coercion of data types
Date conversion Allows for the conversion of dates between different formats and time zones, and allows addition or subtraction
Delimited text file lookup Searching for an incoming value in a delimited text file, and returns a replacement value
Encode string Allows conversion of data to Base64 or Base32
Escape string Provides a mechanism for escaping string values in DNs and XML
Format number Applies specific formatting to a number
Format string Applies specific formatting to string
Get DN component Returns a numbered component from a distinguished name
Logical Boolean operation Performs logical and, or, xor and nand operations against incoming Boolean values
Multivalued to single-valued Returns a single value from a multivalued attribute
Number calculation Performs simple math operations on a value
Portal group strings to AD groupType Converts the portal group strings (Global, Universal, DomainLocal and Security, Distribution) to the appropriate groupType bitmask value
Regex find and replace Substitutes patterns in a string using .NET regular expressions
Remove diacritics Removes diacritics from Unicode characters
SID to domain Extracts the domain from a user SID
SID to string (bi-directional) Converts a binary string to its string format and vice versa
Simple lookup Performs a lookup from an inbuilt table for a replacement value
String case Modifies the casing of a string
Split string Splits a string using the specified characters
Substring Extracts part of a string
Trim string Removes leading and trailing spaces from a string
Value merge Merges multiple input values into a single multivalued output
XML file lookup Performs a lookup of an incoming value in an XML file and returns a replacement value
XPath query Allows an xpath expression to extract values from an XML document

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