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Format string


This transform allows you to insert values into a string of text. Enclose a number inside braces (eg {0}, {1}) within the string to indicate where you want the values inserted. Values are substituted in the order they appear to the transform.


Parameter Description
Format Any string that contains a series of incrementing numbers in braces starting from {0}
Multivalued behaviour Allows you to specify how multiple input values are processed by this transform. They can be processed individually, resulting in one output value for each input value, they can be processed together, resulting in a single output string regardless of the number of input values, or you can choose to not support multiple input values at all.

Input Type

The transform accepts integer, string, binary and Boolean input types. Any non-string input values will be coerced into a string upon input.

Multiple input values

The behaviour of how this transform handles multiple input values is configurable with the multivalued behaviour parameter. If the transform is set to process multiple values individually, or to not support them at all, then only a single input parameter of {0} is allowed.

Return Type

The transform returns a string value


Input values Format string Output value


The {0} brown {1} The quick brown fox
quick The{0} brown fox The quick brown fox


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