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Boolean values to bitmask


This transform takes an incoming Boolean value and applies or removes a flag on a target bitmask.


Parameter name Description
Default value if target is null If the target value does not yet value a value, this is the base value to apply to the target, before setting any of the flags
Ordered list of flags to apply The name column is used to specify a friendly name for this value. The value contains the integer value that should be applied if the incoming value is true. Note if you are using multiple values, the number of incoming values must match the number of rows in this list.

Input Type

The transform accepts multiple Boolean values as an input.

Multiple input values

The transform accepts multiple input values, and processes them as a group.

Return Type

The transform returns a single integer value, that has the relevant flags set


In this example, we will set the userAccountControl attribute, and toggle the account disabled bit (2) depending on the incoming value being true or false
Incoming value Existing value Flag value Outbound value
true 512 2 514
true 512 0 512

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